The Integrative Medicine combines Conventional Medicine and Natural Medicine, making available to patients all options of healing, focusing on all aspects of the individual in a comprehensive manner.

Physiological: It is the approach of the individual, directly evaluated clinically, providing answers to strictly scientific methods.

Psychological: With the participation of a professional, who realize an individual appreciation by a psychological and emotional process.

Nutritional: It is the individual adequate food intake control, according to age, height, weight, and gender.

Emotional: It is the evaluation to be done through their emotions, social and familiar environment, and personal decisions.

Social: It is also about the social environment, where the individual lives and develops.

The Integrative Medicine objective is:

To Balance, To Prevent, To Strengthen

In patients with chronic diseases who are taking some medical supplies, the Integrative Medicine combines conventional treatments with natural and therapeutic options. This supports, complements, and increases the effects of the medicinal products, as well as the response of the body’s immune system to achieve better results.

Many patients who are receiving the benefits from natural options for their chronic diseases, can turn doses down. In other cases, it is possible for them even to eliminate all medical supplies they had been taking for different diseases like anti-inflammatories, anxiolytic, sleeping medicines, medicines to control blood sugar level, and medicines to control high blood pressure, which could be controlled by an adequate guidance according to their lifestyle.