Anonymous Waists Association (ACA), has been created to establish a male and female community, share experiences, points of view, strength and expectations to find a solution to a common health problem.

We want to help a group of patients who have developed a disproportionate relation with food. The objective is to analyze the multiple causes for a patient’s overweight and/or obesity. Furthermore, ACA will help suggest practical and sustainable solutions to those who are interested.

To have an educated lifestyle means:

One aspect of our proposal for all people who want to modify their eating habits is to provide them with important information with the use of guides, educational speeches as well as discounts from the Integrative Health Care Institutes and its services. This will help patients keep their Mind and Bod at Balance. Also, the knowledge they will gain will assist them in improving their lifestyle, prevent diseases and deal with any type of chronic diseases that could be present.

The only requirement we are asking to be an ACA member, is the desire to improve YOUR lifestyle.

ACA does not have any affiliation to any sect, religion or political party.

Our primary objective is to educate and assist to improve the quality of life in our community, as well as a better health, balance and physical status.

ACA is exclusively interested in the rehabilitation and health of all its members, as well of the community.

ACA does not have any criteria about other people’s business.  Thus, its name should never be mixed in public polemics.

What benefits can I receive being an ACA member?

–     Monthly news, with health notes and good-healthy recipes.

–     Discount in NutriBonus Nutritional Supplements (10%).

–     Discount in all services from Integrative Health Care Institute (10%).

–     Educational weekly speeches in our Institute (free of charge)

–     Follow-up call from one of our advisers (free of charge)

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You will get the advantages of being member

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