Our Institute of Integrative Medicine is differentiated by offering services in which the patient has the opportunity to be treated by several specialists.

Integrative Diagnosis:

Conventional Medicine, combined with Natural Medicine, can offer different options to patients after a diagnosis realized by a doctor from an integrative area.
• Better sustainable relief
• Better lifestyle
• Decrease medicines for chronic diseases
• A better understanding of how the human body works
• Strengthening of the immune system

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Acupuncture started in China, more than 2000 years ago. It is based on stainless steel needles application in specific points, called “Acupuncture points”, which are approximately 354. It acts in all system and organ levels of the human body, specifically in:

• Central Nervous System.
• Endocrine System (Hormonal).
• Immune System (Human body defenses)

These mentioned points are located in ways or energy routes, called “Meridians”. Each acupuncture treatment is individual and personalized, to stimulate the energy flow, which runs through “Meridians”, and hereafter to organs and body systems. The World Health Organization confirmed that more than 40 conditions or illness can be fulfilled by Acupuncture.

Our patients will have the possibility to receive treatment on:

• Hormonal Balance
• Infertility
• Panic Attacks
• Anxiety Disorders
• Migraines
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome


This method produces the cure of illness, under bases of Hypnotism, with this method, patients will receive treatments for:

· Addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs).
· Anxiety and/or Depression.
· Overweight (Virtual Gastric Band).
· Life transitions (couple breakups, job changes, country changes, widowhood, divorces).
· Phobias.
· Children and adolescents (ADHD, OCD).


Other Services

  • Integrative Medical Diagnosis.
  • Family Medicine.
  • Weight loss and Detox program.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Reiki.
  • Hypnosis – virtual gastric band.
  • Hypnosis reconstructive therapy.
  • Meditation Coaching.
  • Massage: body, lymphatic and reductive.
  • Esthetics: facial and aromatherapy.