Dr. Belkis Delgado
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
IncontiLase Specialty
Medical Director

Jorge Bordenave MD, FACP, ABIHM
Board Certified in Integrative Medicine
Integrative Cardiology

Dr. Rodolfo Pataky
Family Medicine

Dra. Marina Vargas-Vera
Hypnotherapy Holistic Medicine
Anti-aging Coach

Dr. Suzel Vazquez, MD
Board Certified in Internal & Integrative Medicine
Women’s Health Specialty

Dr. Claudia P. Herrera, MD, FAAP
Clinical Homeopathy
Integrative Pediatric
Anxiety, Obesity, General Wellness

Vanessa Cisneros AP, OMD
Acupuncture Physician
Sound and Color Acupuncture

Alberto Lópezacosta AP, OMD
Acupuncture Physician
Anti-aging Acupuncture
Pain Management

Dr. Adriana Patino
Acupuncture and Magnet Therapy

Dr. Abraham Wagner
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Paola del Valle, AP, OMD
Acupuncture Physician
Anxiety and Pain Management

Gretel García, AP, OMD
Acupuncture Physician

Natalia Pinzón, ND
Integrative Dietitian

Ibis Brito
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Licensed in Mental Health Counseling
Eating disorders
Stress management in Chronic disease

Dr. Werner Andrade, MD
General Minimally Invasive & Bariatric Surgery

Yamilaxis Carvajal
Massage Therapy

Delma Marina Balladares
Massage Therapy

Zuglenis Queipo
Reiki Specialist

Evelyn Acosta

Jose Rego, NLPMP
Life Coach

Adriana Yoshii, RN, CPN, INC
Family Diabetic Coach

Dr. Iliana Rodicio
Fibromyalgia Specilist