Mari-2_resultMiami, FL. August 20, 2015- Talk show host, public speaker, nutritionist, and integrative medicine coach, Dr. Maritza Fuentes will be opening this month the Integrative Health Care Institute, the first insignia center in the heart of Coral Gables in Miami, FL.

Elegantly designed, this center will serve as a unique institute in Miami serving and educating the community surrounding the specialty of Dr. Fuentes and her staff on the focus on integrative medicine, specifically the prevention and treatment for chronic illnesses.

“The center is a living testament of Integrative Medicine, which combines traditional medicine with natural remedies. In addition, the institute offers the community educative workshops on how to live a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle” explains Dr. Maritza Fuentes.

More than just a clinic, the Integrative Health Care Institute offers services such as acupuncture, color therapy, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, weightloss programs, nutrition, integrative cardiology, endocrinology, hormonal balance therapy, family medicine, energy saving therapy, psychology with specialty in stress management due to chronic illnesses, among others.

The institute consists of a group of professionals who practice integrative medicine, with a specialty in combining traditional and natural medical treatments.

The Institute is located in:
3211 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite #102 Coral Gables, FL 33134.
For more detailed information, call:  (305) 443-3480.

The center of lifestyle, “The art of medicine”, is the modern mecca of health, beauty, and peace of mind.
Celebrates the philosophy of Integrated Medicine.