Welcome to your Integrative Medicine Institute

We have created an Institute of Integrative Medicine in which we have grouped several professionals, conventional doctors and specialists in the various branches of natural medicine to offer our community a wide range of preventive and curative options based on science and evidence to treat the human body holistically- Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is our privilege and our mission to help you understand how wonderful our body is when we attend to the care it deserves. The most precious thing we have is Health and when we analyze and treat it holistically, the results are also demonstrated in a comprehensive and lasting way. We are here to serve you with love, respect, and professionalism.


Coral Gables Welness Center

Nutrition Supplements

We understand that balance and weight loss requires a commitment from the patient and a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists who will educate and support patients. Our products are made and supervised under the regulations of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) with natural active ingredients which contribute to a nutritional balance.

Nutritional supplements and vitamins are not intended to treat, cure and/or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

If you are already ready to continue our program NutriBonus+ Balance for 12 weeks, call one of our advisors for guidance. (305) 443-3480 | 1-844-3013216